Circuit Boards

The Circuit Boards are improvisational pieces responding to a set of aesthetic rules. I believe it is the responsibility of artists to modernize traditional crafts and forms, in this case, macrame. Inspired by electronics parts, Massimo Vignelli’s New York City subway map, and Diana Vreeland’s maxim that “the eye has to travel.”

Cotton rope, walnut, and 24k gold vintage Japanese thread. Polypropylene rope, various woods, leather.

Commissions welcome: contact me.

Helix Light

Modernizing the traditional form of square knotting known as macrame, the pendant light's double helix shape is formed by a single, repeated knot that naturally spirals like DNA strands.

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Fat Bottomed Girls

Hand carved wood spoons designed to feel good in the hand for daily use. Functional corner detail gets into the bottoms and sides of pans and jars.