Circuit Boards

I believe it is the responsibility of artists to modernize traditional crafts and forms, in this case, macrame. The Circuit Boards are inspired by electronics parts, Massimo Vignelli’s New York City subway map, and Diana Vreeland’s maxim that “the eye has to travel.”

I begin each work with no preconceived composition nor preliminary sketches. Guided largely by intuition, I nevertheless work within precise parameters. In this sense, the Circuit Boards' subject can be understood as being about the process of their creation.

Cotton or polypropylene rope, walnut. Trim: 24k gold vintage Japanese kimono thread or leather.

Commissions welcome: contact me.

Knot Installations

Knots reside at the intersection of ingenious design, practical function, and rich cultural history. Each unique Knot Installation brings aesthetics to this intersection.

Helix Light

Modernizing the traditional form of square knotting known as macrame, the pendant light's double helix shape is formed by a single, repeated knot that naturally spirals like DNA strands.

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Diamond Ring

Evolving series of paths for the eye to journey. Rope, plywood, acrylic.