Artist, maker, interior design, creative friends - come share my studio.

I'm subletting two of the three rooms in my new space on Valencia near 24th St in San Francisco. There's one smaller room and one medium (can be rented together or separate) totalling about 350 sq ft plus a nice clean bathroom we'll all share. They are suitable as an art/maker studio or office for creatives. Beautiful light, gorgeous mid-century building, super safe (used to be a police station), radiant floor heat, large foyer, and 'nice' enough to bring clients to. Rent is $1650 for the whole thing, $950 and $700 for the separate rooms. Wifi, utilities, everything included. Available now.

Restriction: the landlord wants to keep the mid-century building intact, so the wood wainscoting can't be painted, everything else is possible. 

More important than anything else I guess is the right work-style fit. The place is probably not right for someone who needs completely white walls (due to the wainscoting) or anyone who makes loud noise. Artists, makers, photographers, creative folks who need a studio or office, designers, etc.

If you know of any good people who might be interested, could you please send them my way. Thank you!